Functional Speech Therapy Materials Bundle

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The Functional Therapy Materials Bundle includes 350+ pages of functional activities and printable resources that target real world cognitive-linguistic skills.

Included in this bundle: 

  • Client Intake Questionnaire
  • Functional Reading
    • Menus
    • Labels
    • Receipts
    • Advertisements/Coupons
    • Weather
    • Appointments
    • Filling out Forms
  • Functional Naming and Word Retrieval
    • Associative Naming
    • Confrontational Naming
    • Picture Flashcards – with prompts
    • Features and Functions
    • Divergent/Generative Naming
  • Organization Tasks
    • Food Storage
    • Recipes and Ingredients
    • Scheduling – daily, monthly, yearly routines
    • Orientation – days, months, holidays
    • Medication – management
  • Attention Skills
    • Calculating Coins
    • Balancing a Register
    • Sustaining Attention


350+ pages of printable functional speech therapy activities and materials for real world cognitive-linguistic skills. These functional therapy materials are helpful for the treatment of adults in medical settings (e.g. SNF).

12 reviews for Functional Speech Therapy Materials Bundle

  1. The Helping Hand SLP

    Thank you! This resource has been so helpful in my adult rehab placement!

  2. Sarah M.

    Great resource.

  3. Ashley W.

    This is a great resource! I am trying my best to incorporate more functional tasks with my adult clients and this is a great resource for that! My clients are more engaged and see the rationale for therapy for these tasks!

  4. Miranda H.

    This packet was SUPER helpful during practicum! My university utilized Simucase and we had to do ‘mock therapy’ with an adult for credit. This packet was amazing and what I used for my videos. 🙂

  5. Tracy R.

    This was a great functional resource to compliment community based instruction and prepare my students with the problem solving and critical thinking skills they will need out in the world.

  6. Bailey S.

    I LOVE this resource. I used it during my externship placement of inpatient rehabilitation and used it almost daily. It helped me very much in graduate school and during my externship. I could not say enough good things about this.

  7. Jessica D.

    Saved my life during my grad internship!

  8. Kate S.

    Great resource! Thank you 🙂

  9. Vanessa V.

    This is a great resource to use with my SNF patients to target cognition. The pictures are more functional for the patients.

  10. Gina G.

    Very useful.

  11. Lea S.

    The large font, realistic images, and variety of activities are all fantastic aspects of this resource! My patients enjoy the opportunity to see how therapy activities can apply so dynamically with their everyday lives.

  12. Tricia H.

    This is a great resource to use with my SNF patients to target cognition. The pictures are more functional for the patients.

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