Medical SLP Clinical Fellow (CF) Bundle

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250+ pages. The transition period into a medical setting may be difficult without the appropriate underlying foundational knowledge and resources. This bundle was created by Medical SLPs as an educational guide to smooth the transition into a medical SLP setting. Primarily, this resource is useful for clinical fellows (CFs) and speech therapists transitioning into long-term care, subacute rehabilitation, and/or skilled nursing facilities. This download includes information on procedures and documentation, billing and coding, ready made handouts and in-service resources, a comprehensive goal bank, ideas for functional therapy, and much more.

Table of Contents

Section 1. Knowledge and Considerations 

  • Documentation Procedures
  • Goal Writing
  • Coding/Billing
  • Common Abbreviations
  • SLP Conditions

Section 2. Forms and Evaluation

  • Intake Form
  • Case History – Functional Assessment
  • Screening Forms 
  • Dysphagia Forms

Section 3. Educational Handouts

  • What is a Medical Speech Therapist?
  • What is Dysphagia?
  • Dysphagia: Signs and Symptoms
  • Dysphagia and Oral Care
  • Dysphagia and Safe Swallowing Inservice 
  • Aphasia Differential Diagnosis
  • What is Apraxia of Speech?
  • What is Dysarthria?

Section 4. Treatment Materials

  • Comprehension
  • Description of everyday objects
  • Personal yes/no questions
  • WH – questions
  • Expression
  • AAC and gesturing
  • Functional phrase completion
  • Pictures and symbols of everyday objects
  • Describing semantic features
  • Common object cueing flash cards
  • Expanding utterances
  • Generative naming
  • Reading
  • Matching everyday objects
  • Functional daily reading – menus, weather, medication labels
  • Writing
  • Biographical and functional writing
  • Cognition
  • Memory strategies and spaced retrieval 
  • Everyday sequencing
  • Scheduling daily routines
  • Printable safety signs
  • Additional therapy ideas
  • Dysphagia
  • Safe strategies
  • Swallowing exercises


Printable PDF document with 250+ pages

4 reviews for Medical SLP Clinical Fellow (CF) Bundle

  1. Taylor R.

    Perfect for CF or anyone new-ish to the setting. Great resource! Thank you for creating this product.

  2. Loyda P.

    This resource has been extremely helpful. The pictures are appropriate for the adult/geriatric clientele and not at all childish. Thank you.

  3. Ashleigh R.

    This resource has helped me so much as a new CF! I’m in a rural SNF setting with a caseload of all long-term residents. I highly recommend purchasing this! It is definitely worth the price.

  4. Raquel V.

    I wish I had found this resource when I was completing my CF a couple months ago. This is a great starter guide. Thank you for creating this resource!

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