Word Retrieval Worksheets Bundle


This bundle includes printable speech therapy activities, compensatory strategies, functional goal examples and a cueing hierarchy for each section. This material was designed for speech-language professionals and can be used as a good resource when treating individuals with word retrieval deficits. It is recommended to use this bundle with evidence-based techniques and individualized therapy plans.

Table of Contents 

I. Gestures 

i. Common gestures

ii. Visual cues

II. Automatic Sequences

i. Counting

ii. Days of the week

iii. Months of the year

iv. Social greetings

v. Familiar songs

vi. Sayings and favorites

III. Functional Phrase Completion

i. Completion with visual cues

IV. Script Training 

i. Writing scripts

V. Melodic Intonation 

i. Melodic practice

VI. Confrontational Naming 

i. Symbols

ii. Everyday objects

iii. Semantic feature analysis

iv. Synonym and antonyms

VII. Responsive Naming 

i. Responsive naming and object description

VIII. Divergent Naming 

i. Visualization strategy

ii. Association strategy

iii. Naming by letter


These worksheets focus on improving word retrieval skills and compensatory strategies for anomia. Further, it’s helpful for the treatment of adults with aphasia.


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