SLP Praxis Study Guide

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ETS Speech-Language Pathology Praxis (5331) complete study guide with visual charts and 100+ question practice test.

Typical Development

    1. Linguistic Stages
    2. Developmental Milestones
    3. Morphological Milestones
    4. Typical Development: Aging Adult
    5. Normal Language Development
    6. Theories of Development
    7. Components of Communication
    8. Distinctive Features


    1. Speech Sound Production
    2. Speech Science
    3. Phonetic vs. Phonemic

Anatomy and Physiology 

    1. Anatomical Terms
    2. Neuromotor Pathways
    3. Nervous System
    4. Neuroanatomy
    5. Cranial Nerves
    6. Respiratory System
    7. Phonatory System

Professional Practice

    1. Evidence-Based Practice
    2. ICF Model
    3. Epidemiology and Etiology


    1. Articulation and Phonology
    2. Language and Cognition
    3. Fluency
    4. Voice and Resonance
    5. Motor Speech Disorders
    6. Neurogenic Disorders
    7. Dysphagia

Articulation and Phonology

    1. Speech Sound Disorders
    2. Classifying Errors
    3. Phonological Processes

Language and Cognition

    1. Disorder, Difference, and Delay
    2. Multicultural Issues

Neurogenic Disorders

    1. Stroke Types
    2. Aphasia
    3. Dysarthria
    4. Apraxia of Speech

Swallowing Disorders

    1. Swallowing Physiology
    2. Swallow Disorder – Dysphagia
    3. Dysphagia Treatment

Fluency Disorders

    1. Normal Disfluency
    2. Stuttering
    3. Cluttering

Voice and Resonance Disorders

    1. Voice Characteristics
    2. Resonance
    3. Respiration
    4. Intelligibility

Auditory System

    1. Audiometric Testing
    2. Hearing Loss
    3. Tympanometry


    1. Syndromes
    2. Sequences
    3. Associations
    4. Structural Anomalies
    5. Craniofacial Malformation
    6. Cerebral Palsy
    7. Autism Spectrum Disorder

Tracheostomy and laryngectomy

    1. Tracheostomy
    2. Laryngectomy

Assistive Technology

    1. Augmentative + Alternative Communication

Counseling and Legislation

    1. Counseling
    2. Ethics
    3. Laws and Legislation
    4. Documentation of Skilled Services


Study guide includes printable 100+ questions for SLP praxis test 5331.

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