Medical Management Bundle


The Medical Management Life Skills Bundle includes worksheets and realistic activities that can be used to practice reading prescription labels, understanding prescribed doses, identifying pill organization errors, planning re-fills, and much more. Medication management, when it relates to cognitive-communication skills, is well within our scope of practice as Speech-Language Pathologists. Many of our patients take multiple medications on a daily basis and medication administration can be a complex multi-step process. To maximize independence and safety, it is important to address medication management and ensure that our patients are complying with their prescribed medication regimen. This resource also includes medical tracking forms and a guide to help you create your own medication management practice kit.


Medical Vocabulary 

  • Confrontational Naming 
  • Phrase Completion 
  • Generative and Responsive Naming 
  • Expanding Utterances 

Auditory Comprehension

  • Yes/No Comprehension 
  • Object Discrimination 

Problem Solving 

  • Following Directions, Sorting Pharmacy Items and Planning Re-fills 
  • Finding Pill Organization Errors

Functional Reading 

  • Insurance Cards, Prescription/Product Labels and Prescription Pads
  • Medication List/Chart

Functional Writing 

  • Patient Forms


  • Medication Management Practice Kit with Sample Labels 
  • Medication, Vital Signs, and Physician Log/Tracking Sheets 
  • Tips for Medication Management and Drug Safety



170 + Pages

Realistic Activities 

Tracking Sheets

Helpful Tips 

Colored Images 

DIY Practice Kit 

No-prep Worksheets

+ More


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