Aphasia Object Box Starter Kit


This starter kit guides you to create your own object box with household items and successfully use it to address goals for verbal and written expression, auditory and reading comprehension, and cognitive communication skills.


30 Object picture cards

• 2 Images + 1 symbol each

• 6 Visual cue cards

• Written word

• Word completion

• Phrase completion

• Description of object use, location, and properties

• Clinician prompt card

  • Verbal expression
    • Confrontational naming
    • Object description
    • Phrase completion
    • Generative naming
  • Auditory comprehension
    • Object discrimination
    • Following directions
  • Reading comprehension
    • Word recognition
    • Phrase/Sentence discrimination
  • Written expression
    • Word completion
    • Word/phrase/sentence level
  • Cognitive communication
    • Memory
    • Problem solving/reasoning/WH-questions
    • Categorical organization


Real objects are NOT included in the object box starter kit.


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