Functional Reading Life Skills Bundle

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The Functional Reading Life Skills Bundle includes realistic reading activities followed by comprehension questions and answers. This resource features over 390 pages of activities that can be used to practice real-life reading opportunities from restaurant and food menus to utility bills and receipts. Composed of practical reading stimuli, this bundle can be used to target a variety of cognitive communication goals and essential reading skills necessary for our daily lives. The functional assessment and client intake forms can be used to gather individualized client information and determine daily reading demands.


  1. Reading Menus
  2. Reading Schedules and Lists 
  3. Reading Bills and Finances
  4. Reading Labels and Packaging
  5. Reading Advertisements and Coupons
  6. Reading Cards and Invitations
  7. Reading Tickets and Passes
  8. Reading Instructions
  9. Reading Guides and Directions
  10. Reading Newspaper Sections
  11. Reading Emails and Shopping Websites 


Printable PDF document with 150+ pages of functional reading activities

3 reviews for Functional Reading Life Skills Bundle

  1. Alexandra Bergman

    Great resource, thank you!

  2. Emily B.

    Great resource for adult clients.

  3. Paola Humeniuk (verified owner)

    I love many of your resources, including this one. I do appreciate the coloured pictures as adults like colour too not just kids! My one question however, is why do you not put numbers on the pages?? When I am working with a client, I always note which resource I am using and what page I have completed or assigned for homework so I can keep track as I see a number of clients.

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