Functional Reading Bundle

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This bundle includes resources and activities for functional reading skills. Everyday reading skills may also target goals of reading comprehension, language skills, and various aspects of cognition such as memory, attention, problem solving and reasoning. Use the client questionnaire intake form  to obtain information regarding prior level of function, discharge planning, and functional reading demands to help guide an individualized treatment program.

Table of Contents

  1. Client Intake 
    1. Material Selection
    2. Example Reading Materials
    3. Example Goal Bank
  2. Functional Reading Practice
    1. Filling out Forms
    2. Itineraries
    3. Work Schedules
    4. Invoices and Bills
    5. Checkbook and Checks
    6. Receipts
    7. Credit Card Deals
    8. Spending Reports
    9. Road and Environmental Signs
    10. Menus
    11. Appointment Cards
    12. Car Manual
    13. Messages and Notes
    14. Invitations
    15. Job Postings
    16. Mall Directory
    17. Road Map
    18. Nutritional Labels
    19. Clothing Labels and Tags
    20. Weather Forecast
    21. News Articles
    22. Business Reviews
    23. Coupons
    24. Store Flyers
    25. Product Labels
    26. Cell phone Messages
    27. Medication Labels
    28. Recipes
    29. Channel Guide
    30. Real Estate Listings
    31. Mail and Letters
    32. Monthly Calendars
    33. Classifieds
    34. Sweepstakes


Printable PDF document with 150+ pages of functional reading activities

3 reviews for Functional Reading Bundle

  1. Alexandra Bergman

    Great resource, thank you!

  2. Emily B.

    Great resource for adult clients.

  3. Paola Humeniuk (verified owner)

    I love many of your resources, including this one. I do appreciate the coloured pictures as adults like colour too not just kids! My one question however, is why do you not put numbers on the pages?? When I am working with a client, I always note which resource I am using and what page I have completed or assigned for homework so I can keep track as I see a number of clients.

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