Expanding Utterances Using Response Elaboration Training


Response Elaboration Training (RET; Kearns, 1985) is a treatment technique that focuses on expanding utterances and increasing content words in conversations in persons with aphasia (PWA) (Kearns, 1985; Gaddie, Kearns, & Yedor, 1991). This resource includes information on how to use RET, sample treatment goals, a data tracking form, visual prompts, 49 action target pictures (colored photographs and line drawings), and clinician elaboration examples.

Kearns, K.P. (1985). Response elaboration training for patient initiated utterances. Clinical Aphasiology, 15, 196-204.

Gaddie, A, Kearns, K.P., & Yedor, K. (1991). A qualitative analysis of response elaboration training effects. Clinical Aphasiology, 19, 171-183.


Expanding Utterances Using Response Elaboration Training is a PDF document, 63 pages


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