Thanksgiving Speech and Language Bundle


The Thanksgiving Speech and Language Bundle includes 85+ pages of functional Thanksgiving-themed speech therapy activities designed to save you time! Useful for both children and adults, this resource is just in time to engage your patients with the upcoming holiday. 

Word Retrieval

  • 60 Thanksgiving Vocabulary Photo Cards
  • Phrase Completion
  • Paragraph Completion 
  • Generative/Divergent Naming
  • Naming from Description
  • Semantic Features
  • WH Questions/Expanding Utterances 

Functional Reading

  • Thanksgiving Recipes 
  • Reading Menus


  • Blank Calendar
  • Functional Recall Activities 

Executive Function

  • Deduction Puzzles
  • “Thankful for” Worksheets



89 page PDF document with thanksgiving-themed speech activities


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