Dysphagia Evaluation and Treatment Guide


A. Informative Handouts
What is Dysphagia?
Dysphagia Signs and Symptoms
Normal Swallow
Dysphagia and Oral Hygiene
Inservice: Dysphagia and Safe Strategies
Inservice Quiz
Swallowing Medications
Modifications to Improve Appetite
Cueing Hierarchy for Meals

B. Assessment
Swallow Screen
Swallow Evaluation – Form
Oral Motor Function and Swallow Abilities
Assessment of Swallow and Diet Texture Analysis
MDS and Section K
ST Recommendations and Justification for Skilled Treatment
ICD-10 Coding Worksheet

C. Patient Recommendations
Diet Recommendations
Recommendations for Instrumental Testing
Kitchen Diet Trial Slip
Safe Swallow Strategy Recommendations
Suggested Foods for Different Diet Levels
Dysphagia Food Log
Aspiration Precautions
Frazier Free Water Protocol

D. Treatment
Dysphagia Treatment Guide: Compensatory, Sensory Stimulation, Maneuvers, Strengthening
Swallowing Exercise Tracking Form
Swallowing Exercise Patient Handouts – Pharyngeal Exercises
Swallowing Exercise Patient Handouts – Oral Motor
Long and Short-term Goal Bank
Sample Daily Notes


Includes 60+ pages of handouts, assessments, treatment plans and more.


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