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Tips for Completing a Successful Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY) in a Medical Setting

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Do you feel prepared to start your CFY in a medical setting?

Tips for Success

  1. Ask Questions. Use your CF supervisor, rehab team, and other coworkers to gain valuable information. Ask questions frequently. It is better to ask than to be unsure!
  2. Be Flexible. Flexibility is important in a medical setting because of many factors such as frequent admissions and discharges to the facility, other disciplines and professionals involved, and frequent changes in patients status.
  3. Time Management. Time management will be crucial due to the fast-pace environment and company expectations to achieve productivity standards. Try using point of service documentation when possible (i.e., documenting while with the patient).
  4. Stay Positive. Things will get tough once in a while and it is important to remember to stay positive for your own benefit and for your patients. Think about how far you have come and how you are going to be a great SLP!
  5. Think Functional. Something not well discussed in graduate school is the value of functional therapy in a medical setting. This includes patient-centered care based on your client’s needs and participation. Treatment should be meaningful, relatable, and relevant to your clients’ daily life.
  6. Use Resources. Use resources such as ASHA, SLP facebook groups, follow SLPs on social accounts (i.e., Pinterest, Instagram, etc.), SLP blogs and websites (see a below). Your CF supervisor and classmates are also great resources. 

Do you have the materials you need to succeed?

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Here is a list of 10 free and/or inexpensive resources to help you get through your medical CFY.

  1. Nice Speech Lady – free materials and relevant blog posts
  2. Free on MedicalSLPs – all free materials on this site
  3. Therapy Insights – well designed printable materials starting at $8.00 each
  4. A Tempo Voice – helpful blog posts and materials for voice therapy
  5. Teachers Pay Teachers – lots of free and inexpensive materials on TPT
  6. Honeycomb – person-centered materials starting at $5.00 each
  7. EatSpeakThink Blog – free relevant ideas, guides, and tips
  8. The Informed SLP Subscription – a monthly subscription for just $7.00/month that summarizes evidenced-based research for you
  9. Ozark Speech Therapy – huge list of free therapy ideas and activities for adults
  10. Fresh SLP – free pdfs and guides for swallowing and cognitive communication

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